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Site Erection / Installation

USPL has a wide range of experience in plant piping and erection. We have installed both process and utilities piping in both Jurong Island and in Main land for various clients serving Oil and Gas, Manufacturing plant, Pharmaceutical , Flavor and fragrance plants. Few of our projects are listed below including Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication & Installation up to commissioning and hand over to Client on turn key basis.

We are providing solution of your on-site needs. In the realm of industrial projects, site erection/installation stands as a pivotal stage, involving the on-site assembly of equipment’s or systems. 

1. Total Supply and installation piping work for running plant in Jurong Island. This includes 160 Tie in and new extension including material, painting, Insulation, testing & commissioning. Estimated Qty: 30,000 DB

2. Supply & Install of piping for utilities and process for new expansion of solar facility in Tuas. This includes, Chilled water system, CDA, N2,Process water, Steam and condensate system. This include Hot Tapping for chilled water system and CDA system. Estimated Qty: 10,000 DB.

3. Supply and Install of HVAC system that includes AHU, FCU, Pumps and related chilled water piping for a manufacturing plant in Tuas. This project also includes supply and installation of CDA, N2, Plumbing and Sanitary System. This includes Hot tapping for16” Chilled water system. Estimated Qty: 15,000 DB

4. Tank cleaning, piping modifications, equipment calibrations and general fabrication for plant maintenance for a fragrance plant in Tuas.

5. Plant piping modifications for various plants in Jurong Island, ranging from 500 DB to 5000 DB

Our scope generally responsibility includes, supply, fabrication, erection, testing and commissioning. We provide all relevant, ITP, Welding procedures, Test Pak, Pre commissioning and post commissioning reports. We specialize in site measurement, engineering, fabrication & installation of piping and vessels during short windows of plant shut down to meet the clients specification and time

Over all we provide complete piping solution erection/installation that includes MEWP such as, Mobile crane, Lorry Crane, Scissors Lift, Boom Lift etc. We also provide scaffolding, Insulation and chemical cleaning services. Hot tapping and freezing can also be done upon request.

Pre Insulated Chilled Water System

Process Piping

Plant erection

FCU Valve Station


Plant skid erection

FCU Installation

Pipe Rack Installation

AHU & Valve Station

Buffer Tank Installation

Buffer Tank Installation

BT Installation at Level-13

Buffer Tank Installation

Boiler Old Bundle Removal

Boiler Bundle Lifting

Boiler Bundle Installation

Pipe Spool Lifing

Vessels & Piping Installation.

Equipment Lifting & Installation

Equipment Lifting & Installation

Vessel Lifting

Vessel Installation

Pipe Spool Installation

Flange Installation

Equipment Lifting

Equipment Installation

Buffer Tank Installation

Buffer Tank Installation

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